Trick or Treat Part 14- Escape?

She slapped me. I felt nothing. I felt my eyes slowly flicker shut whilst the kids broke the door down. I could see here mouth contort into screaming curses but heard nothing, slowly sinking into a sensory blankness. Eventually she did something kinda inexplicable.

I was lucid again in seconds and she pulled away. There were tears running down her cheeks.

“We need to get out of here.”

We ran. Everything was still a blur but I remember glimpses; bursting through the back door and through the crumbling back yard fence, away from the outstretched hands and in amongst the deafening cacophony of screams and laughter. Eventually my legs simply stopped and I let the other two drag me as I stumbled a little. My legs ached, my throat was sore and I could taste the faint tang of blood. Eventually I collapsed and they ran on without me. I fell to the curb with a softened thud and turned to see the swarm wander towards me. They started flooding in from adjacent streets and close in on all sides. More and more until there were at least two hundred I a closing semi-circle around me. I glanced up to see the gap in the horde grow smaller and smaller. I saw my former companions running full pelt now, the kid starting to hobble and fall behind as the blood loss got to him. At last he came to a halt and she turned to glance at him before running on. The first few kids start to block my view of her as the escape route started to disappear.

Funny how you’re priorities change when confronted with death by small child.

I pulled myself up with a sudden determination and ran full pelt through the closing gap as hands grazed the lapels of my shirt. I ran like a fucker until I reached the Little Caesars parking lot to see that bitch trying to steal it. Before she could finish unlocking the door through the open window I’d reached her.

“Sorry I had to ditch you I didn’t think you’d make it. And the kid was a goner.”

“I know- I saw him…”

I slid my hand in and opened the door and we both pulled ourselves inside. The engine stalled a few times and I saw the little fuckers turn the corner and close on us far sooner than seemed possible. Eventually the car started and we raced off. I didn’t care where we were going;

I just aimed for the desert and tried not to miss.

Trick or Treat Part 13- Sarah

I could see her again, standing in the corner of the room watching me. She had that look she had when I screwed up; when she walked on me in the midst of a high smelling of skip and crystal. She gave me the look that said “oh you are gonna pay for this cocksucker”. I staggered a little, all the while staring straight at her- dammit I was done giving I to her; she’d talked down to me like a mother and fuck it I wouldn’t put myself through that now she was gone. I swung my arms at her, they passed straight through and she seemed to smirk at me. I slammed my hand at her head and hit rotting wood. My hand bled profusely and I hit again. My surroundings grew dull and the voices of the other two started to drown out. Eventually she pulled me away and slapped me across the face- I didn’t feel a thing as I grew drowsy and heard the faint sound of wood breaking and glass smashing like it was a million miles away. I’d spent so much time fighting to stay alive when I realised what I really wanted; what this town was really. I had a moment of clarity and saw what had drawn me to this particular town at of them all.

This town was death.

I wanted to die.

Trick or Treat Part 12- The Church

Before meth it was booze; the first AA meeting I ever went to was in a cramped Church basement. That was the first time I ever took crystal- the other regulars dealt out back before hand to get them through. The place was a shithole- no one went to church in that neighbourhood and the place was abandoned by Gods children and left to drunk fucks like us. The guy who ran it was “just like us” a ex-con doing a little community service who clearly was staying ‘clean’ until his parole officers looked the other way and he could flee to the Bahamas. As his assets started to unfreeze we noticed he got better fed as the weeks passed, this guy had connections and he had dough and bull shit was he “just like us”.

Eventually I gave up on that place- figured I’d go crazy if I stayed- but Sarah said I’d get clean or she was gone.

You forget about tequila when you’re already fucked on rock by 10am.

But the church did have one thing.

The church had an intact roof.

It started to rain and the three of us got drenched, the floor pooling and running bile and sawdust mixed and flowed in little spinning clumps. The little shit knocked again and I crept back from the door. He called out.

“Hello? Hello? Is anyone home?”

My heart started to pound again as I saw the tops of heads flit past the closed ragged curtains. Then the kid said something that made my blood run very cold.

“Sarah’s looking for you. Hello?”

Trick or Treat Part 11- Last House

She lay there panting, her hair thrown about the floor, lousy with flecks of paint and splinters of wood. She turned to me with wide eyes that gleamed in the moonlight.

“Sorry… they got in…”

“Oh don’t worry about it sorry about the mess it’s just I wasn’t expecting visitors or a psycho children attack- WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?”

With that she leapt up and clamped her hand down over my mouth. She whispered.

“Shut the fuck up. Those things have probably finished with my husband right now and will be looking for someone else to kill. If they hear us they’ll have no problem getting in. Do you understand me?”

There was a fresh tear poking from the corner of her eye. Her hand smelt of cigarettes and cheap bullshit perfume; the kind a chick starts on when she’s not really trying anymore- not even for herself. This wasn’t the sexy femme fatale from a few days ago. In this moonlight with the sounds of those little horrors stalking outside she just seemed like a lost soul in a broken body, a discarded cigarette butt crushed under the wheels of society. I nodded slowly and she lowered her hand.

The wretch in the corner coughed up blood onto the floor. I know if this had been our apartment Sarah would have flipped and instinctively made a move to clean it before realizing it was simply mixing with the sick and wood pulp.

“I don’t think I’m gonna make it man…” He choked.

She glanced at his wound.

“No probably not you’re a fucking gonna honey.”

There was a knock at the door. We all froze. There was silence for a few moments. There were another three knocks. I turned to see the silhouette of a head barely reaching the translucent glass. He held a pitchfork which I suspected was probably not plastic. I crept towards the door as slowly as I could, heart pounding in my chest harder and harder as I got closer to the door. I felt a floorboard start to creak and recoiled, listening intently, for a agonizing second.

It knocked again; harder this time. I slid my head forward until it reached the tiny little peep hole. I held back my trembling just enough to stabilize and meet the hole and looked out.

There were almost a hundred of them in a massive crowd outside the front of the house, the rest of the streets seemed empty beyond the odd stray wandering like a sleepwalker through back yards and little alleyways. The crowd stood in absolute silence like robots; all dark soulless black eyes staring right at my door. The single kid at the front indeed had a sharpened steel pitchfork and blood smearing his red costume. His eyes stared up in the same way and he knocked mindlessly at regular intervals.

I pulled away, feeling my stomach try to throw more up but find nothing left. I turned my face back to my guests with a grimace.

They both knew what it meant.

Trick or Treat Part 11- Three’s a Crowd

“You got that car still?”



“Got caught by surprise in the parking lot… had to ditch it…”

“Wait the Little Caesars lot? Shit I hope Bucks okay…”

“Buck wasn’t there. Who is that guy anyway?”

“No one really knows he just walked into town one day. Our old drug dealer got busted by the feds and that was when people were flooding out of this place. No one had the connections to find more. But then Buck just came and started dealing. It was like a miracle.”

I tried to smile but it came out as a rough grimace.

“Some miracle…”

We were both silent for a few moments, nothing but the turmoil outside. Then we started hearing the guy next door yelling again.


There was one gunshot after another. Then I heard his wife.

“Oh god there still alive!”

“Why won’t they die? Stay dead you shits!”

There were more shots, occasional stops to reload. Eventually we heard a window smash and they both screamed through tears. Lots of ‘Oh god!’ and ‘please no!’ but then eventually:

“Oh fuck this see ya cocksucker!”

Then another window smash and then a loud crunch as splinters of wood and planks fell down around us.

I pulled myself up to find the entire roof caved in and her spread eagled on the floor gasping for breath. The kid pushed a rotting piece of wood off himself to reveal a large chest wound.

“Oh shit man.” He breathed through gritted teeth.

“Oh please do let yourself in.” I grunted.

Trick or Treat Part 10- The Guest

I walked through and threw up again; this was too much shit to go through when in the throes of withdrawal. As I stood in the faint glow of moonlight piercing through the roof I started to stagger and came close to collapsing it what I’d just ejected.

That was when I felt bony fingers grasp my shoulders from behind.

I almost jumped out of my skin: turning and planting my fist against the thin face without even thinking. He screamed out and fell to the ground. It took a second for the sharp pain to register and I looked down at my hand- broken in two with the smashed knuckle still quivering and blood running across my arm. I then looked down to see that fucking kid from a few days ago. He spat a few bloody teeth out and looked at me.

“What the fuck man? I’m not one of those fucking things!”

I reached down and grabbed him by the throat, picking him up with fear-fuelled strength and placing a hand over his mouth. I spoke very quietly.

“I am going to take my hand away and when I do you are gonna explain to me how you got in, what’s going on, and who the fuck you are and you’re gonna do it very very calmly you hear me?” I felt possessed with a rage as my thoughts were swirling and I felt thin watery paste making plans of taking a trip north down in my stomach. Otherwise weak with dehydration only that fear and rage was giving me the energy to stand. I reached inside and fed those twin flames, burning my dying engines on full blast just to stay alive. The kid nodded slowly and I removed my hand.

“W-w-well when those things came I saw your car was gone… I pulled one of the planks back from your wall got in. I pushed it shut behind me they’ll never see it…”

“And what are those things why are there kids killing people out there?”

“I-I-I… they’ve always been here man… there something this town does… a Halloween thing…”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Look no one knows man! It’s something that’s always happened here even when my folks were kids. Dates back to the 1950’s or something…”

“Well why are you here then? Why not stay out of town for the night?”

“I asked my folks that a few years but they never tell me they just change the subject. And they kicked me out and skipped town a few days ago so I don’t have a place.”

I sighed.

“I need a hit. You got any crystal?”

“Yeah I think so…”

He reached into his pocket, he then frowned and looked down. I looked and saw his fingers poking through a hole in the side of his stupid skinny jeans.


Trick or Treat Part 9- The Kids

There must have been at least a hundred kids in total. All in old weathered Halloween costumes. They all had desert grime encrusted on them like they had been buried.

Perhaps they had.

I didn’t believe this shit was real for a second, I was probably still in my apartment having drunk myself into a stupor and imagined this twisted scene. I still ran back to my house though, just in case.

I passed more kids as I went from street to street, the woman with the grey hair opened the door to a little girl with a witch nose and found herself sliced to pieces. There’s was no way to help her so I ran on. Eventually I found mine and saw the neighbour’s house surrounded by kids. They were banging on the door and windows and rattling the fortifications incessantly. I stayed low to the ground as I snuck along the sidewalk towards my house. Fifty feet from the door, I almost stepped on a piece of broken glass but stepped over it, glancing up to see the kids still distracted by the neighbour’s house. 20 feet away and I was trembling so hard it affected my gait. The front yard, I stepped on a small piece of mutt meat with a loud squelch. One of the kids, a plastic scream mask on, turned to look at me and I darted behind a small dead shrub on my front lawn. Did he see me? I listened some more; my heart pounding harder and harder as I grew ever sicker with panic.

I turned to see another group of kids turn a corner far down the street. I sunk even closer to the floor and crawled on my stomach up to the front door. I pulled myself up from the floor as slow as I could and pushed my key into the lock. I saw the same kid’s head start to turn my way again as I burst into the house and clicked the door shut.

I relieved myself as I slid in the blots to strengthen the door and then sank to the floor panting.

I could still here the damn cat downstairs.