10th jubelee…

I stepped outside one morning and there was no weather. The sky was a transparent block which had no appearance in itself but, of course, there was nothing beyond the sky to be seen through it. The weather was not sun nor rain sleet slush snow hail. The weather on a report would be: NULL.

I went into a coffee shop to meet L. She was already there. -Funny old sky. She said. It’s been all over the place this week. I replied. rained on wednesday, sun on thursday, friday and the weekend were intermittent snow and sleet and then monday found this strange Nothing.

Anyway… L went on. lets get to business. Laura and I had been lovers for 10 days now. 1 was in a cramped hotel room on a business trip (we sold bombs to terror states for american proxy wars) and I’d eaten her out. on 4 we met in this same coffee house and it was raining and we formally acknowledged the situation. we made love later that day and then were interrupted by a call so had to reschedule for 6 (our boss said the terror cells would buy). last night she’d seemed off and left early and now had asked to meet here.

of course the sex was amazing. she said cooly. but i feel we need to-

there was a shriek like a lost soul. an ambulance. I turned back from my surprised gaping at the empty street and looked at L.

I’m sorry I said. what did you say? the coffee shop was almost empty but for us. i said the sex was good. but i feel we need to st-

a plane roared. It was very low for a major city. We paused till it passed.


-i said the sex was okay but I

-refill? barista.

-no thank you/-no please haha

-i said the sex was bearable but-

the shop opposite exploded. shrapnel rained down on the street between. everything went silent. we both looked with intimate hollow eyes at the ruins. fire burned softly in them.

The Muses “

[Bobby] is a man in his late thirties, who is very manipulative.

[Cassandra] is a woman in her sixties, who is very overbearing.

The story begins in a hovel.

Someone is fired from a job.

It’s a story about memories.

[Bobby] upsets a lot of people

-Okay that might work let’s do this:

The hovel roof shook with the rain. Cassandra kept pacing around the hovel. The hovel was a damp and dreary one. Cassandra kept on yelling away  in the hovel. -someones been fired from their job. I said passively. -Who? She shrieked. -I can’t remember. I said. But it was one of us. -How can you not remember? She squawked. She was upset. That was a feeling I was used to as I, uh, upset a lot of people?

-this isn’t working. Um… 

[Sally] is a woman in her late thirties, who is very mysterious.

[Cassandra] is a woman in her late twenties, who can be quite charming.

The story begins in a prison.

A family celebrates a homecoming.

It’s a story about the effects of war.

Your character realises no-one will listen to what s/he’s saying

Sally had been in [PRISON NAME] prison for 10 years by the time the bombs started falling. After six months most of the prison had been drafted into penal legions or had been extradited for imaginary crimes by foreign states. A couple had starved to death and one had fallen from an upper story and died trying to escape back to their loving family and children. Sally was released on parole to free up space in the prison for POW’s. Sally was aloof about the homecoming her family prepared. Dreary weary Cassandra, who’d been just recently married when Sally had gone in, was now a double jeopardy divorcee with two home-leaving crack smoking children having to be dragged home by the ear for aunty Sally’s sake. she….

-ugh. not good.

[Sally] is a young woman in her late teens, who is very compassionate.

[Cassandra] is a young woman in her late teens, who is very secretive.

The story begins on a mountain top.

A pregnancy is announced.

It’s a story about prejudice.

Your character gets into a competition with another character

-Someone’s pregnant! Cassandra yelled triumphantly. -who? Sally asked in a show of compassion to Cassandra. -I’ll never tell. Cassandra said. 

Sally used the N word. Cassandra tried to use it less than her. 



“And another thing

to consider when

deciding is: love

both well and wise”


Bear or a dragon

declared: “It is a

fool who clings to

the firm necessities


Creatively alive

person as much

as a skilled poet

or valiant soldier


Defy expectations

do what is right but

not always what is

expected.” He stops



thinking him a

threat to our “




and they would

shoot him dead.

He never heeded


Guaranteed I

never heard a

stranger story

than the old…


“Have as much fun

as you possibly can

my boy” he went on

“never miss out there”


“In life without

questioning the

status quo. You

can be many…


,Just trying to choose

a story from my time

at war is a challenge.

The strangest one??


(Killing is a grim

affair for many

but, with no other

pleasure- it is mine)


Lilith! Come sit by

the fire would you?

Make yourself very

comfortable. We…


…Man who ran

across the long

edge of camp

every day and


…Our warning.

One day he was

running as normal

and he stopped to


Personnel who

didn’t know who

he was might

shoot him by…


“Quite right” said

I, with a sombre

toothless smile

(rare disease in


Rest for a while.

I never had any

issue with the old

man although my


Sargent would have

had my head for such

words. I was on watch

and we talked a little.


There was a time

Long Ago and Far

Away- when I felt

Joy and Happiness


Understand the ‘sheer

banality’ (as you call it)

of being at war. I think

the easiest way to, well,


Very little was said

of importance until

the old man, with a

rousing growl like a


We often had

to ask him to

run further away

otherwise some


eXpect to sit there

a long while I fear.

You have made it

clear you want to


Your gums can

cause that to be

the easier option

than acid scrub)


Zeal is the gold

of kings and the

bane of liars and

villains. Use it well.

Die a Good Man

“Dr Cassan you’re work in the field of experimental physics is astonishing. It is without a doubt as my expert witness will later explain that the scientific rigour and ability necessary to make the breakthroughs you did makes you one of the greatest minds of our generation and possibly any.” The lawyer paced slowly around the room. He seemed to savour each word. “Now it’s all I’m sure rather technical but would you mind explaining what exactly you discovered?”

Dr Cassan was a small balding man. He didn’t look like a killer. Yet there wasn’t a man in history who had killed so many and so senselessly as he. Until him the most people’s deaths attributed to one man was five and that was an accident. It was hard to imagine such a kindly grandfatherly face was capable of such a crime. The court had to create a knew word, Genocide, for such a sentence.

“Well it’s kind of you to say that sir but most of the groundwork for my discovery was already done by my colleagues and predecessors. The actual invention of Time Travel was only a small step after the work they had done. My main discovery was finding out through experiment what had long been suspected about the rules of time travel.”

“and what would those be exactly?”

“That, if one changes the past like in the ways I did, all of ones memories about the world before the changes are replaced with the altered world you come back to. For instance my first time travel trip I remember going back to the day before and leaving myself a reminder to buy more milk. The thing is I don’t know why I did that because when I left for the lab I had plenty of milk because I’d already found the note and presumed it was from my wife. What must have happened is I must have not had any milk for breakfast this morning but that version of reality got erased and replaced when I came back in time.”

“But I understand you didn’t just use time travel to avoid a dry breakfast did you sir?” The lawyer smirked after this remark. There were some light chuckles. “In fact ladies and gentlemen of the jury this man used the gift of time travel” The lawyer got louder now “with all of it’s potential for social good and improving the world and our knowledge of history and science to kill over a hundred innocent children from across history! What do you have to say in your defence?” The lawyer had reddened from the strain of shouting and began to breath heavily as Dr Cassan replied.

“Well as I say I no longer remember what the world was like when I departed on these trips. All I remember is really purposefully going back to Victorian London or the Mongolian Steppe in the 12th Century or late 19th century Austria. That one in particular, a little German boy, I felt particularly determined I needed to kill him.”

There were sounds of shock from the jury. The lawyer leapt on this.

“You mean you ENJOYED IT???! Ladies and Gentlemen can you believe your ears?”

“No not that exactly. I hated doing it actually that one in particular but I hated all of them. Little Adolf looked up at me with eyes that seemed to say ‘why?’ and I seemed so sure that I had to for some reason that I cannot even fathom now. Why did little Adolf Hitler have to die? Why did Genghis, or Rhodes, or Jack, or Joseph or any of the other’s have to die? I don’t know. I won’t ever know. I’ve wrecked my brains for what they all might have grown up to do. Maybe they would have killed a person.”

“Your honour this is pure speculation!”

“I still think about each one of them every night. I think and think why I would have felt so compelled to kill so many.”

Billy Gerald Cassan was sentenced to death for a crime so large the victim was not the individual child but instead a new classification was created: the crime against humanity. Cassan is now remembered as Histories’ greatest monster.

Relative Comfort.

B B B D#

B B B E#


the music tinkled in the door from the music room from little Cathy on the Piano. It was raining outside. The four years of clement weather had come to an end and outside Storm Sue ravaged the landscape. Trees swayed terrifyingly in the distance from the gale force winds. Birds occasionally screeched like shrapnel across the twisted vines of cloudy sky pulled taught by the flashes of lightning. Little Thomas was crouched close to the window with his head in his hands. Normally he’d be writing his little stories on the old typewriter his Grandfather had gotten him. Instead he had written only a single word before abandoning it. I walked over, careful to step over the discarded toys that lay strewn across the living room.




-what’s wrong thomas? I asked.

He was silent for a moment.

-What’s the point of Cathy’s music?

-Oh how could you say that you wicked boy! I thought he was just being cruel. I took a nearby shoe and prepared to hit him. He didn’t look up at me as he went on.

-I just don’t understand… I stopped. What’s the point of my writing as much as her music?

I saw what Thomas was looking at. Down in the street a Traveller family were being driven out of their makeshift home by red faced police. The rain lashed down on them with a vengeance as they begged for mercy. There was a little boy around Thomas’ age. He was but skin and bones. They were barely surviving as it is. They would survive this storm without a home- let alone the rest of the year. They had no time for music or writing. Thomas didn’t speak again. I left the room without beating him. As I reached the doorway I looked back. Thomas still hadn’t moved.

Historical Conditions

Gary stood across the room from me. He held the gun in one hand. The other held a small remote control with a single red button.

-No listen carefully. He said. When I press this button you will forget everything…



He stood across the room from me. He held the gun in one hand. The other held a small remote control with a single red button. My boyfriend burst into the room.

-What’s going on?

Gary raised the gun and shot him twice in the chest.

-OH MY GOD YOU MONSTER I screamed and then I found myself saying “I’LL KILL YOU!”

I ran towards him-


Gary stood across the room from me. He held the gun in one hand. The other held a small remote control with a single red button. My boyfriend lay on the floor bleeding. In an instant Gary was upon him trying to put pressure on the wound. He was always so selfless. I ran down beside my boyfriend. I didn’t know any of the medical stuff but I could at least comfort him whilst Gary tried to help him. My boyfriends eyes were bloodshot. His eyes began to focus and he jolted up to scream something to me:


He collapsed back in agony: now to weak to speak again. He must have been confused. Gary wasn’t a threat. After all he was trying to save him from his wounds. He was even defending us with that gun he had. My boyfriend slipped away. I lay beside his corpse. I wept. How could this happen? I vowed then and there that I would never stop searching for whoever was responsible for killing my love and my joy.


Gary was across the room from me dragging away a body. Something had been tucked into the back of his belt. When he returned to the room he also held a small remote control with a single red button. The thing in his belt was gone. I had tears across my face. I wasn’t sure why. Gary sat beside me and put his hand on my shoulder.

-I’m sorry to tell you but your boyfriend has been murdered.

-WHAT? I began to cry again. WHO DID IT?

-I’m sorry but… it was your Father.

-You’re lying. My father’s been dead ten years! It was you wasn’t it? I’LL KILL YOU!


Gary sat beside me on the floor. He looked at me with big kind eyes. He held a remote control with a red button on it in one hand. The other hand was on my shoulder. I had tears across my face. I wasn’t sure why. Gary sat beside me and put his hand on my shoulder.

-I’m sorry to tell you but your boyfriend has been murdered.

-WHAT? I began to cry again. WHO DID IT?

-I’m sorry but… it was your Brother…

-You’re lying. I never had a brother! It was you wasn’t it? I’LL KILL YOU!


Gary sat beside me on the floor. He looked at me with big kind eyes. He held a remote control with a red button on it in one hand. The other hand was on my shoulder. I had tears across my face. I wasn’t sure why. Gary sat beside me and put his hand on my shoulder.

-I’m sorry to tell you but your boyfriend has been murdered.

-WHAT? I began to cry again. WHO DID IT?

-I’m sorry but… it was your ex-boyfriend… He seemed unsure of this.

-Oh god… I fell into Gary’s arms. Without Gary I’d be all lost in this world. He was my only salvation in this impossible time.

-dness and Civilisation Ma-

My story, which brings much and many woe,

Begins when I, without a thing to show,

Awoke from dismal dreams of flit’ing flowers

Among the reaching great and Morbid Towers.

Out I wondered through the city vast

Caught in my own intrepid reverie

Out I wondered wild- the die is cast:

Without the comfort of cool central city slavery,

The suburbs crackle out like lovers fingers- tossed relentlessly on broken skin

without a fucking concern for anything they crush- into slush

(is it too much?)

the big square houses sag and culture is dying-

I can feel culture is dying (Moloch with his eyes aflame shanti shanti shanti…

as I stray from the city I become inhuman (noun. The rational civilised animal)



a jabberer with his u n r e a d a b l e p r o s e . . . . . . .

I am at the

cities edge now

Everythings becom[e]ing [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ d/e/r/e/r/a/n/a/n/g/e/d

and the poetry is very strange

As the streets crumble away I look back

(I say: as the streets crumbbbble away I look back look back “I look back? bakc?”

I look back and feel oh god I am feeling (was feeling will be feeling)?) so far so far away from His love- Moloch’s whose spirit lives in the concrete trees- Moloch who breathes traffic and craps out banks and electricity and impossible waterways- supernatural flats..flats..flats..cities-like-telegraph-poles (these words become increasingly postmodern as I move further from the city)

I consider turning back…

I set off into the wilderness-ss-ss-ss

oOOoOoooooOOOooo———–OOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOoooOOooooooo ooooooo

ooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo oo oo


oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OOA

oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OOA

oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OOB

oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OO oo-OOB